Church Recorders work as a team at a single local church or place of worship. In small groups, they research and document items within the building in 9 discrete categories: memorials, metalwork, stonework, woodwork, textiles, paintings, libraries, windows and miscellaneous.  Depending upon the size of building it can take two or more years to complete a Church Record, a bound copy of which is presented to the church or place of worship.  Additional copies, in both printed and digital format, are lodged with relevant national bodies; for example, copies of a Record of an Anglican Church in England will be sent to the local county records office (or Diocesan authorities), the Church Buildings Council, the Victoria & Albert Museum and English Heritage Archives. 

As well as being a source of tremendous pleasure and interest to individual members of the recording team and congregations alike, Church Records serve a number of practical purposes: they provide a complete furnishing record; the police can use the descriptions and photographs to identify retrieved stolen artefacts; insurance companies may use Records to identify items; and they help researchers in producing theses and books on allied subjects.

TAS Farnham has been recording churches for over 25 years.

In those years Farnham Volunteers have recorded 10 churches and up-dated the inventories for 3 other Churches.

The 11th church, St. Michael the Archangel, the Parish church for Aldershot was completed in October 2019. Part of this church dates back to the 1100’s when it was a Chapel of Ease on the main route from Odiham to Richmond and London beyond. The church was extended in Tudor times with a Nave and Tudor tower. Then the Army came to Aldershot in the mid-1800’s and, deciding that the church was much too small, built a completely new Chancel and Nave, turning the old chancel into the Lady Chapel, and the old nave into the South Aisle.‚Äč (see photo of one of the memorials )

In 2020 we start on a new Church - St. Mark's in Hale. If you wish to join us please email the group leaders

Completed Churches

Binstead, Bentley, Crondall, Headley, Odiham, Peper Harow, Seale, St Andrews Farnham, Thursley, Upper Froyle.