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05 February 2020Cancelled ... The Lansdowne Club and the Art of 1935
04 November 2020Art in Venice. The Lion of the Sea.

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Cancelled ... The Lansdowne Club and the Art of 1935 Patricia Campbell Johnston Wednesday 05 February 2020

Unfortunately our speaker has had to cancel 


The current art collection at the Lansdowne Club highlights the fascinating architectural, social and political history of Lansdowne House, now home to this private members' Club. The former home to a past British Prime Minister, Lord Shelburne (1st Marquis of Lansdowne) and to Harry Gordon Selfridge, the department store magnate, members will also be regaled with stories of intrigue and passion as reflected in the art collection.

The second part looks at the contemporary art of 1935 set against the backdrop of the Silver Jubilee. We examine the range from poster and Penguin paperbook design through Vogue magazine works and the film sets of the movie Top Hat